PLM for the Fashion Industry

You in the Fashion business know the challenges better than anyone: How do you maintain profits and the plans for growth in line with expectations while facing the demands of modern consumers? 

If creativity could take care of the problem, you’d be fine. But that’s not where to look, the problem lies in the structure – and so does the solution. This is where we at TechniaTranscat come in. We’re specialists in making the process from design to manufacturing structurally impeccable and highly effective through Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems – a solution more or less tailored for the apparel industry’s challenges.

Today’s consumers are the most enlightened in history. Not only do they have huge demands on product development, fashion levels and environmental friendliness – the price tag has to be right, too. The walk across the street to a competitor is short, so to be able to deliver on all these requirements plus meeting increasingly tough global competition, more and more companies in the fashion business are streamlining their management of design, production and information by applying a PLM solution from TechniaTranscat. Through us they’ll be able to meet the demands from the market, become more effective, more competitive and more profitable.

Business Value of PLM for the Fashion Industry

  • Effectuates the potential with global production
  • Shortens lead times
  • Enables growth
  • Frees up more time for creative work
  • Keeps the profit up with unchanged workforce
  • Creates one, common view in the company of how things stand
  • Generates the ability to steer information to the right user and receiver – both within and outside the company
  • Opens up the opportunity to trace, control and document work related to environmental and social responsibility.