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November 03, 2014

Hosted by TechniaTranscat (previously Technia) and Mogul, the last developerHangout was held to get all developers in the Addnode Group together for an afternoon of experience exchange over food and drinks. This time we had two speakers joining us -  Zach Holman from GitHub https://github.com/ and Petar Milutinovic, Front End Specialist & Whiz Kid from Mogul Balkan.

zach holman

Zach Holman joined GitHub in 2010 as one of their first engineering hires. Initially working on what would become GitHub Enterprise, he now hacks on new features and frequently gives talks about building products. Read more about Zach here: http://zachholman.com/about

Petar Milutinovic gave an introduction to the currently most popular Javascript framework developed by Google, mainly built for Single Page Web Application. Pros 'n' cons, best practices and setup as well as why and when to use it. Showing the Magic out of the box and Might, when all is set up right!

angular js

developerHangout is set up continuously and all developers in Addnode Group are invited to join to mingle and learn to know developers from our great sisters within the group better.

Find out more about what it's like to work at TechniaTranscat at www.techniatranscat.com/career

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