Dear Customers, Suppliers & Partners

We are pleased to announce that our company name Technia will be changing as of January 1st 2016 to TechniaTranscat.

The new name reflects the united and leading European CAD and PLM actor that we are building together with Transcat PLM, previously acquired by Addnode Group in July 2015.

As the knowledge-leading PLM-company, we can now better guide you how you can improve your business, and realize your vision through PLM. With our 160 ENOVIA experts, and 200 CATIA, SIMULIA & DELMIA experts, we have both the skills and knowledge needed to assist you with your PLM initiatives. Beyond that, with our own complementary products, and a fantastic network of customers and partners, we believe we have something to offer all businesses in product development and PLM. In 2016, we plan to organize a variety of activities such as webinars, seminars and trainings, which we hope will make you even more innovative and competitive.

The name change will affect the following companies:

  • Technia AB -> TechniaTranscat AB
  • Technia PLM Oy -> TechniaTranscat Oy
  • Technia AS -> TechniaTranscat AS
  • Addnode Inc., d/b/a Technia -> Addnode Inc., d/b/a TechniaTranscat
  • Transcat PLM GmbH -> TechniaTranscat GmbH

Corporate registration numbers, telephone numbers and addresses are the same as before. Contracts, agreements in connection with ongoing contracts/projects, and all outlying quotations will remain valid.

Our employees will change e-mail addresses from January 1st, 2016. The new e-mail addresses have the same structure as before. The change is that we have switched to after the @. Example:

Our new website can be found at

Please forward this information to the relevant parties within your organization.
If you wish more information, contact me or your contact in our company.

Yours sincerely,

Jonas Gejer
CEO, TechniaTranscat

Jonas Gejer

CEO TechniaTranscat, President Addnode PLM Group Division

 +46-8-599 204 14

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Technia and Transcat PLM join forces to create European PLM knowledge and innovation leader