Lessons Learned after Gathering PLM Experts from Around the World

October 24, 2014

Along with 70 customers from around the world, Technia hosted the yearly product event sharing deep insights and PLM strategies for all who attended.

technia innovation day

Krägga Herrgård is a charming mansion and conference venue perched above the shore of Lake Mälaren, surrounded by 100 hectares of lush green wilderness, a perfect setting to enjoy the Swedish autumn weather and the company of our customers.

The Strength of Communication

The day began with an inspiring and insightful talk from Zach Holman, a developer at GitHub. He spoke about the challenges of growing a software company rapidly and still delivering the same quality and value that your customers demand. Zach encouraged everyone to focus on communication and collaboration within their teams letting them take place naturally, inspiring real innovation amongst colleagues.

zach holman inspirational speaker

You can find out more about Zach and see his insightful and fun presentations at www.zachholman.com or follow @zachholman on twitter.

We heard from TUI who have developed incredible new ways of visualizing data inside of ENOVIA. Allowing their employees to view trends, search for, and analyze data in a very simple user friendly fashion. This in turn allows them to make smarter decisions, faster, based on real time data. The solution utilizes the Technia Graphic Reporting product to easily add visual feedback for all the information stored in their ENOVIA system.

We heard from s.Oliver's Silke Albuquerque-Fuchs who has used the Technia Products to make it easy to manage a complex and rapidly changing Bill of Materials and she explained to us how excited she was to be involved in the process.

And finally, we heard from Milun Milic with H&M who demonstrated the innovative new way the designers are able to collaborate internally using the Technia Products Collaboration features.

The Importance of Performance in a PLM System

Magnus Falkman and I led an interactive survey with the entire audience polling them to find out the biggest pains and challenges they had, the plans they had for PLM, and most importantly, how Technia could enhance the products to ensure that our customers are able to get the most value out of their PLM investments. 

innovation forum

The results? Not unsurprisingly, performance of the PLM system is a large concern and many will look to Technia and our tools to help them identify and resolve the issues that cause systems to perform slowly or break down.

This year we had some fun afterwards by hosting a friendly skeet shooting competition in the woods! We had the pleasure to eat a great dinner and share a drink with our customers, celebrating the fantastic relationships we have with them. We learned a great amount from our customers this year and we will carefully process the feedback to make sure Technia remains the leader in innovative products for the ENOVIA platform. 

“It is very interesting to me to meet and talk with other users of the Technia Value Components to see what they are experiencing. Learning how others are using the products is useful, if they are using a component or feature which we are not using yet, we can see possible benefits from implementing that in our company as well. This contact is very important to me, but also to see the vision for the future and the roadmap for Technia and their products is one of the key takeaways for me from today.“

Silke Albuquerque-Fuchs, s.Oliver

We look forward to 2015 to make next year’s event even more exciting and invite all who are interested in the Technia Products to attend!


Until next year,

Neil Phippen

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