Lite3D Portfolio 2017.1 is now available

January 17, 2017

The new download for Lite3D 2017.1 is now available

We are pleased to notify you that Lite3D Portfolio 2017.1 is now available. This package includes the most recent releases of our free JT viewer LiteBox3D 1.9.2, LiteComply 1.7.2 and further Lite3D process applications.

We have dedicated the past two releases of LiteBox3D extending the measurement functionality and improving usability. Any kind of measurement for distance, radius, diameter, angle, part volume, area or center of gravity can now be done easily with a few clicks. On mouse over previews of the measurement are shown. The results are displayed in 3D with nice dimension lines and in a measurement tree with more details.

Daimler suppliers are getting LiteComply 1.7.2 with the current Daimler JT Supplier Package 16.2. Beside the JTSP integrated usage, the interactive application of LiteComply within LiteBox3D provides more detailed analysis possibilities. Please feel free to install the Lite3D Portfolio 2017.1 to use this enhanced functionality.

More detailed information can be found in the Lite3D 2016.5 and 2017.1 Release Notes.

Download Information
You may download Lite3D 2017.1 from the TechniaTranscat web site. (Please note that we have merged the former Technia and Transcat websites to one common web presence. Now you find our joined portfolio on this redesigned page).

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Writer: Arnd Feye

Arnd has 15 years of PLM experience working within TechniaTranscat software division in various positions in pre-sales, consulting and support. He currently works as Product Manager for TechniaTranscats xCompare and Lite3D portfolio.

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