New Product Release - Technia Integration Framework (TIF)

August 19, 2013

Technia Integration Framework (TIF), taking PLM integrations for enterprise systems to a whole new level when it comes to configurability and low cost of ownership.

Enterprise integrations have never been easier!  

TIF will reduce cost and complexity for your enterprise integrations to PLM systems, while bringing flexibility and speed of implementation up. This is done by providing a supported software that will plug in to your enterprise integration architecture. TIF is based on modern technologies and integration standards with connectors available for ENOVIA and many Enterprise Integrations softwares, enabling smooth integrations to for example ERP systems.  

What is TIF?

A Supported Software

  • Software product fully supported and upgradeable
  • Integrates enterprise applications based on industry standards such as JMS, AMQP and web services.
  • Scalable to meet the largest implementations

A Development Toolkit

  • Simple configuration capabilities for setting up new integration use cases
  • Provides advanced capabilities to further extend TIF integration use cases without customization


  • Proven architecture and framework perfect for configuring and developing integration use cases
  • Best practices built in from more than 30 ENOVIA integration projects.  


Supported integration technologies:

Message Integration

  • Integrations based on message standards e.g. JMS, AMQP
  • Configurable message content with optional validation against corporate integration contracts (XML Schema, stylesheet)
  • Delivery of messages to various standard destinations e.g. message broker, http, ftp, file

Web Services

  • A set of configurable web services for export and update of information and filecontent
  • Plugin existing web service (REST or SOAP based)

Batch Engine

  • Job scheduler for actions, programs, scripts etc
  • Asynchronous PDF generation
  • Watched folders.
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