Webinar on Demand: CAVA Aerospace

See how CAVA works for Aerospace customers:

  • CAVA Vision can help saving a significant amount of engineering hours by supporting the
  • Positioning of antennas and sensors on the outside of an aircraft for communication purposes and threat detection
  • Several engineers can work simultaneously on the same obscuration plot

CAVA helps to create multiple obscuration plots to ensure that no obstructions exist in fields of view when measured from sensors fitted to the aircraft. The creation of the required obscuration plots is an immensely time-consuming task with the average aircraft requiring at least 1,000 reflect lines to outline the surface of the aircraft. Changing the position or adding additional sensors requires the whole setup to be recreated. In addition, CAVA also reduces the possibility of human error, since a designer doesn’t create such plots manually anymore.


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Presenter: Wolfgang Klemm

Product Manager / Software

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