TechniaTranscat hires Magnus Carlmeister as new Business Development Executive for IoT

March 15, 2017

STOCKHOLM, March 15, 2017 Addnode Group’s subsidiary TechniaTranscat, a world leading provider of PLM solutions, has hired Magnus Carlmeister as its new Business Development Executive for Internet of Things. He will spearhead TechniaTranscat's efforts to help Nordic customers make full use of IoT technology with the ground-breaking application ProductInUse.

Magnus Carlmeister is the former CEO of IT firm Contribit and a leading expert in data analysis and connected networks. At TechniaTranscat, he will focus on showing companies how they can use IoT applications to gain a better understanding of their products and build stronger relationships with their own customers.

"With IoT and ProductInUse, we give machines a language and make them talk. That means manufacturers get a better understanding of how their products are used and perform, which in turn helps them provide new and better aftermarket services that leads to longer-lasting relationship with customers," says Magnus Carlmeister. 

TechniaTranscat´s joint venture R&D center for IoT solutions (OptimData) recently launched the application ProductInUse, which collects and analyses data from machines around the world and provides instant feedback into a social network type newsfeed, where both machines and humans communicate about possible problems.

ProductInUse has already helped companies in continental Europe launch completely new business models where customers are given machines for free upfront and then only pay for the actual usage or service provided. The application, which can be labelled with the customer's own brand name, can also be programmed with expertise from experienced machine operators to look for certain usage patterns and take specific actions if it detects possible problems.

"Companies can transfer their own knowledge and expertise to the application, which helps save both time and money as their own staff is free to focus on other things. The manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly digitalised, and IoT will continue to bring about rapid changes in the coming years. We want to make sure our clients have the most useful tools to increase aftermarket earnings and make their products perform as good as they can with digital services," says Magnus Carlmeister. 

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Magnus Carlmeister

Business Development Executive - IoT

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