Reach your users with LiteBox3D 2017.2!

April 26, 2017

Have you ever thought about sharing 3D models without demanding the receiver to install a 3D viewer? Now you can do this with a modern 3DHTML page that can be opened on any browser and device without installing software or plugins.

LiteBox3D 1.10 PRO provides an easy way to create 3DHTML pages from your JT files. Meta information like part number or material are supplementing the 3D model. The file might look like a traditional drawing with a drawing header except that it's in 3D!

HTML templates allow you to easily adjust the content and look and feel upon user requirements. Experienced users might want to see the model tree or PMIs or even perform actions like clipping or explosion whereas other people are only interested in the 3D visualisation and some properties. All this is no problem with LiteBox3D!

Are you interested? Click here to download a sample.

If you do not want to share files anymore, web viewing could be your solution. Take a look at the LiteBox3D web viewer.

Please check the 2017.2 release notes for detailed information. (pdf download).

Here you can download the software.

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