ESPI-Interface - Pro/ENGINEER Integration

ESPI-Interface - Pro/ENGINEER Integration

ESPI-Interface ENOVIA SmarTeam – Pro/ENGINEER Integration is a product for data administration of Pro/ENGINEER data in ENOVIA SMARTEAM.

  • SMARTEAM feature in ProE
    Integration in ProE menue, Finding and saving of data, life cycle function etc.
  • Parameter adjustment ProE – SMARTEAM
    Selected parameters from ProE to SMARTEAM and vice versa 
  • Seaching SMARTEAM out of ProE
    Pre-defined and individual search functions


ESPI-Interface Session

  • Display objects shown in the opened ProE window
  • Display status of opened objects
  • Display conflict of each object
  • Display tree structure of assembly (consists of) cross reference of single parts and assemblies
  • Display parameter of single parts and assemblies life cycle functions (CheckIn, CheckOut, Released) adjustable column display

ESPI-Interface Briefcase

  • Offline ESPI-Interface functionality for local files

Viewing of ProE data

  • Viewing of geometry data, documents etc.

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